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Links to Mineral-related websites


LINK - Bob's Rock Shop
LINK - Rock and Gem Magazine
LINK - The Mineral Record
LINK - The Lapidary Journal
LINK - John Bett's On-Line Mineral Museum
LINK - MinDat Mineralogical Database
LINK - American Mineral reference website
LINK - The Mineral Forum
LINK - Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom
LINK - Franklin and Sterling Hill Mineral Information
LINK - Sterling Hill Mining Museum
LINK - Franklin Mineral Museum
LINK - Gitche Gumee Agate Museum (The Michigan Agate Lady)
LINK - Gemological Institute of America
LINK - Binghamton University's NY Fossil Resource Website
LINK - The Fossil Forum - Online Message Board
LINK - New Jersey TrapRock Information
LINK - Chris Thorsten's NJ Minerals Website
LINK - Stuart's Flourescent Minerals Website
LINK - Derek Yoost's NJ Marine Fossil website
LINK - Geology website showing minerals and their properties and uses
LINK - Rock Pups website. Family friendly collecting sites in NY, NJ, Pa. and Ct.
LINK - The Coalition for Mineral Education
LINK - A resource on collecting and other information related to rockhounding
LINK - Online Gemology Courses and Resources


LINK - American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
LINK - Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies
LINK - New Jersey Mineral Society (Warren, NJ)
LINK - Orange County, NY Mineral Society (Middletown, NY)
LINK - Delaware Valley Earth Science Society (Maple Shade, NJ)
LINK - Pennsylvania Earth Sciences Association / Mineralfest (Macungie, Pa.)
LINK - Mineralogical Society of Northeast Pennsylvania (Scranton Wilkes-Barre, Pa.)
LINK - St.Lawrence County Rock and Mineral Club (Canton, NY)
LINK - Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Society (Poughkeepsie, NY)
LINK - Wayne County, NY Gem and Mineral Society (Newark, NY)
LINK - Che-Hanna, NY/Pa. Rock Club (Sayre, Pa.)
LINK - Capital District (NY) Rock and Mineral Club (Albany, NY)
LINK - Danbury, CT. Mineralogical Society (Danbury, Ct.)
LINK - Morris County Museum Mineralogical Society (Morristown, NJ)
LINK - Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society (Franklin, NJ)
LINK - NJ Geological Association
LINK - Gem and Mineral Society of Syracuse NY (Syracuse, NY)
LINK - NJ Paleo Society (Fossils)
LINK - NY Paleo Society (Fossils)
LINK - Bristol, Ct. Gem and Mineral Club (Bristol, Ct.)
LINK - NJ Gold Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Club


LINK - Geologic Tools Website
LINK - Mt. Ida, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce
LINK - Herkimer Diamond Website
LINK - Bing Maps - Exceptional mapping and aerial photo website
LINK - The Vug - Everything rocks and minerals
LINK - Sterling Hill Annual Super Digg Website
LINK - The NY-NJ Metro Gem and Mineral Show, Edison, NJ
LINK - The Tuscon Gem & Mineral Show Official Website


LINK - Abandoned Mines Website
LINK - Iron Miners Website

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