North Jersey Mineralogical Society 

The Paterson Museum 2 Market St. Paterson, NJ


1960's-era Membership Card

The North Jersey Mineralogical Society is a Charter member (One of the original founding clubs) of the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies and is affiliated with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

The NOJMS is a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit educational organization. We provide educational programs to our members and the general public through our club meetings, and occasional visits to schools and other organizations and groups.

Our society started in 1945 and has been going strong ever since. In 2015, we celebrated our 70th Anniversary. A brief history of our club is shown on the lower half of this page.

Our goal is to bring together people who have a common interest in the study of earth sciences and mineral collecting in the Northern New Jersey area. Our mission is to educate our membership and others on how to preserve and document the geology and mineralogy of Northern New Jersey as well as to collect and preserve representative specimens from the area. Our club maintains an extensive LIBRARY (click for the entire list) as well as a small mineral display at the museum.

The  NoJMS meets once monthly at The Paterson Museum, located at #2 Market Street, Paterson, NJ, in the Great Falls Historic District. Our meetings are open to the public and include a social hour/mineral sale, business meeting, mineral drawings and an informative and educational lecture. (see meetings page for details)

We strongly encourage our younger members to attend as the meetings are a great place to begin or add to your mineral collection and knowledge!

MEMBERSHIP has its perks!!!

NOJMS has many activities for our members throughout the year such as field trips, outings to museums and shows, club t-shirts, an annual picnic and collecting day at Sterling Hill Mine and a holiday party for members. We also publish "The Treasure Chest", our monthly newsletter, which may be found on the "Newsletter" page. Lastly, we hold 3 shows per year to benefit the club. In the spring and fall, we host our annual all-outdoor Rock Swap-n-Sell at Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, and in early spring, we sponsor our annual Indoor Rock, Gem and Mineral Show that features a wide variety of dealers, door prizes, and fee giveaways for the kids. Club members are very involved in running these shows. Revenue from these shows continues to allow our club to provide activities, picnics, and parties for our members to enjoy at no cost to them.

Club members receive our Monthly Newsletter, "The Treasure Chest", via e-mail, telling details of field trips, shows, events, and interesting information related to the hobby.

If you like what you see so far and would like to become a member of NOJMS, you can join us today! Membership dues are only $15 per year for a single adult, $20 for a Couple, and $30 for a family membership (2 adults and up to 3 children).  Membership dues help pay for club activities, operating expenses, membership in the AFMLS and Eastern Federation, and insurance coverage for club outings. Paid members receive a membership card and club patch.

Club membership application available by clicking HERE.

Application can be opened and printed using Wordpad on your computer.

Membership applications can also be obtained at any of our club meetings, events, or shows.

Current Officers: (2019)          

Dave Shapiro - President
Ronald Schulz - Vice President
Stephen Wien - 2nd Vice President - Show Chairman
Laura Brecka - Secretary E-Mail
Arlene Castleman - TreasurerE-Mail
David Miller - Trustee

Bob Allen - Trustee
Jess Jacobson - Trustee E-Mail
Paul Radziewicz - Social Media
Jeff Wilson - Webmaster

History of the NOJMS:

The Paterson Museum was founded in the Paterson Library in 1927. Later, the museum relocated into the former Paterson Locomotive Shops on Market Street. Regular science discussion groups were held at the museum and on Dec. 21, 1944, a decision was made to form a mineral society. On Jan. 18, 1945, the first meeting of the new mineralogical society was held at the museum with museum curator William C. Casperson as acting chairman. On May 10, 1945, our name was officially adopted and Mr. Casperson was elected our first president. On Jan. 9, 1947 our constitution and by-laws were adopted.

In the club's early years, the founders sponsored many field trips, occasionally hiring contractors to use dynamite and bulldozers to insure good collecting. In recent years, field trips have dwindled as liability issues, workman's compensation laws, and environmental regulations have placed constraints on how and where clubs like this one may collect specimens. The NoJMS is also one of the founding clubs of the "Pond Swap & Sell" in Franklin, NJ, which we co-sponsored with FOMS during the show's early years.

In recent years, our club continues to arrange field trips, to allow members the opportunity to obtain specimens from different locations in the area.

Our club stresses the importance of proper labeling, identification, documentation and photographing of obtained specimens as the number of locations available to collect from continues to dwindle. Many locations represented in members' collections, and our museum display, are no longer accessible due to development, or owner closure, thus making collecting of new specimens impossible.

Many of our members specialize in the minerals of New Jersey and are a wealth of knowledge and information concerning them. Our club members have, in their collections, some of the best specimens of NJ traprock minerals and Franklin Fluorescent minerals to be found anywhere. Other members have specimens of New Jersey Fossils in their collections. Still other members specialize in micromounts, lapidary and jewelry making. We have varied interests, but come together in the common study of earth sciences and geology.

There are still many good mineral and fossil specimens out there being located, collected and preserved through the work of our membership.

We are very proud of some past members of our society who, through diligence and hard work, found and documented new previously undiscovered minerals and have had the minerals named after them:

Johnbaumite - after John Baum

Gerstmannite - after Ewald Gerstmann

Hauckite - after Richard and Elna Hauck

Kraisslite - after Fred and Alice Kraissl

Paulmooreite - after Dr. Paul B. Moore

Petersite - after Tom and Joe Peters, and Nick Facciolla

Welshite - after Wilfred Welsh

Zigrasite - after James Zigras

We continue to influence our members and visitors to expand their knowledge in geological sciences and to understand the importance of preserving this record for future generations.